EQUI Global, who labels itself as “The Next Investment Frontier”, has caught the eye of Apple’s original genius – the great and powerful Steve Wozniak. The Blockchain Investment Fund is essentially a venture capital fund built upon the foundations of blockchain. And like the old western frontier of San Francisco, the blockchain is sparking a brand new gold rush. The billion dollars industry has seen a rise of interest from tech moguls, hedge fund CEOs, and renowned tech visionaries.

August of last year in Las Vegas Nevada, the “Woz”, has stated his intent on joining a looming business opportunity during the ChainXchange,”A Blockchain and Experiential Technology Conference”, event. He told the adoring crowd how he, for the first time, plans to get involved with a block chain company. He remarked how the value of current digital currencies are built upon false expectations and undeserved media millage.  He did however share the intention of creating a new currency which will be backed by historically “Good Investements”, as he would say. These investments come from real states situated in the Gulf region in the middle east, among others. As of this writing, Wozniak has purchased shares of stock from the company.

World Wide Web and the Block Chain

The prominent tech visionary’s decision has raised a lot of questions. He was notably unconvinced of Bitcoin’s ability to outlast the so called “bubble”. A term popularized as defectors of the world wide web who once claimed that it was doomed to fail. But, recent developments have turned his head. However, he still claims that the dividends will have to be paid much later. It would take a while for the investments to yield tangible results. Additionally, the fact that blockchain is essentially decentralized, meaning having no central authority, has solidified his faith on the matter. He even likened it to the internet when it first came about which he remembers fondly. Woz believes that the key of blockchain investment fund is the way it can produce value in almost every aspect. As with how the internet has digitized and distributed information, the block chain can digitize and distribute transactions.

The fact that block chain technology is shared as open source to the entire programming community means that each and every one can create his or her own related project. In the case of Ethereum for example, Wozniak is adamant that it will last the puffery and become a staple in the digital currency game. Not dissimilar to the android play store, and Apple’s own app store, having this many tinkering hands on a growing project can only speed up its already rapid growth. This will also create a highway of feedback from other brilliant minds to ensure the quality of the product developed.

The Next Big Thing

Almost exclusively academic,Steve Wozniak split his time giving talks at universities, developing personal projects and the occasional TV appearances. After Apple, he rarely took direct part in any other company. The investment community took this as a good sign. This does not necessarily mean that EQUI Global is a sure hit and comparing EQUI Global to Apple, would be a stretch. Even a portion of the success gained by apple would be a dream come true for EQUI Global and they have already scored a victory by getting something that made apple great – one of its co-founders. But it does build confidence in way of investing. Woz said, he has declined hundreds of proposals, hoping to pick his brain, and his money. As mentioned earlier, Woz is a skeptic, even denying the potential of the same cryptocurrency when it first generated buzz. He has exclaimed his belief in the company, and more than just the financial promise, he is ecstatic at having another shot at influencing the world through the only way he knows how.

For the second time in his life, he is co-founding a novel company. His responsibility lies in scouting and recruiting the best minds to complement a passionate and gifted bunch of people. He will also train them and coach them to fulfill their utmost potentials. He plans to bring his teacher’s mentality. A skill he was renowned in his Apple days. He stood as a pillar in which Apple was brought up from the ground. He can barely hide his excitement and aims to make an impact doing what he does best.

A New Revolution

Today, cryptocurrencies is still a smidgen on a world where cash is still king. Despite it’s benefits, the richest of the rich will still continue to resist the advent of the digital coin.

In order to break through the traditional industry, EQUI global intends to rethink investment. They intend to transact with Equitokens to enable investments to come from all and every source. EquiToken is supposedly forked from the recent and very successful Ethereum. It features a never before seen pliability into different cryptocurrencies to circumvent a difficulty present in contemporary digital coins – liquidity. EQUI global are keen on finding funds from entities that share their vision and passion for the block chain industry. To hedge the investments, EQUI plans to diversify part of it’s earnings towards unconventional assets, such as art. As well as conventional ones like land and real state. The bigger part of the capital will be put towards the various tech companies identified by EQUI as valuable partners. The selection of these companies is in no small part of Steve Wozniak’s vast knowledge in this domain.

Wozniak has said that they have already identified a multitude of promising candidate companies. More than a dozen, in fact. He is still keen on adding a few more to the number. He ended the event by iterating how his ultimate goal is to support a young generation in ushering in blockchain technology. He believes that the blockchain will forever change the landscape of transactions and hopes he will leave another indelible mark on people’s lives.