2018 was a landmark in the history of the gaming market. The industry’s revenues exceeded the $100 billion mark and right now reached $109 billion. In 2013, global revenues amounted to about $70 bln.

Increased revenue by 56% over 6 years illustrates how gaming companies not only introduced new ways to attract and entertain consumers for the first time, but also became leaders in innovative business models in accordance with the coming era of digital technology.

GNation represents a global community, an alliance of companies that unites gamers, creators, publishers, esports men and people interested in games on its platform with multiple products to offer. At least, two global products might be applied by GNation’s customers — GShare and GPlay.

GNation’s revolutionary app — GShare

The team of GNation told about the revolutionary and visionary product — GShare. The free application GShare allows gamers to make the PC power work for them & get rewards in their own currency. This currency will be applied in many ways. First of all, users will be able to purchase top-rated games from GNation’s store called GPlay. Secondly, they will be able to send this currency to charity organizations. Because GNation has concluded a partnership with the United Nations.

GShare comes as a desktop app made to turn gamer’s computers into a source of income by harnessing the power of shared economy. It utilizes CPU & GPU to perform calculations applied for transaction validation (something similar to SETI).

Game creators may additionally publish their own Unity-made games with a few clicks & receive payment in the platform’s currency. Easy SDK integration & simple API rules make esport options available for everyone.

Blinking — the innovative solution for creators

GNation is constantly striving to build an ecosystem of products with the utmost protection standards. That’s the reason why the team has got Blinking or Blink, an identity management solution built applying the Hyperledger’s code.

GNation will eventually be applying initial files secured for the use by gamers and developers. Nevertheless, we know what identity guidance features are in high demand, so GNation’s team will additionally be offering the application to organizations in the financial sector.