Maksym Krippa is a professional expert and has worked extensively on the contour of culture and advanced media focusing on televisual theory, visuals, culture, and media art activism. He is an exceptionally calm and energetic individual. His research considers histories and theories of documentary and reality-based media.

Currently, he is working on the projects that investigate reality TV shows regulations and its disadvantages. Furthermore, he has edited volumes on the global legacies of renowned reality TV shows experts and on the rethinking of cinema history in the face of the transition to digital. Being the author of the numerous books and topics, he puts everything in order to advice for the best and maintains amicable relations with its clients. His magnetic and result driven approach has profited numerous organizations to develop and accomplish their business positively. Explorations in reality television shows are Maksym Krippa obsession and his sincerest type of articulation.


Reality Shows are sort of network shows or projects which shows common folks or potentially famous people or both, all things considered, or scripted circumstances/condition or a blend of both genuine and scripted occurrences. Reality Shows are additionally alluded to as ‘Unscripted TV’. Reality TV shows were not known by anyone until the 1940’s. Reality appears in those occurrences were very true. This was on the grounds that it was another idea and, in that capacity, control was restricted to just making remarkable circumstances for standard natives. But Nowadays, the truth shows of today in these reality shows have actually obscured the reality. The incongruity of ‘The Reality Shows’ is that despite the fact that they are known as ‘Reality-Based Shows’; a large portion of them are ‘not even depicts the reality’.

So, in order to curb the negative impacts of reality TV-shows on the teenagers, Maksym Krippa suggests that these shows must have regulations. These have been analyzed by Maksym Krippa below:

Why Must Reality TV-Shows Have Regulations?

  1. Portray Things that are not Real

The makers of the show enjoy precisely planned situations, difficulties, occasions and settings to support specific practices and clashes. They particularly select certain members and intentionally utilize them in their altering methodologies to name certain members as legends or certain as spoilers and may direct the show through the modified sequence and specific introduction of occasions. This must be stopped.

  1. Grows Wrong Notions  

Maximum of these reality TV shows enjoy questionable issues and feature these to mix up the feelings of the general population. In their ravenousness for cash, they set up and empower thoughts which were either non-existent or had been settled. This results in concealing reality to the audience.

  1. Strays Youth Mentality

The youthful personality which ought to be occupied with beneficial exercises is baited to such shows in the desire for speedy cash and acclaim. The attitude of youth goes amiss along these lines from scholarly interests to apparently alternate routes which really require as much exertion and on occasion a greater number of endeavors than the traditional ways.

  1. Encourage Exploitation among Children

Nevertheless, it is apparent that misuse takes to put as the contestants in the show are depicted as miscreants. Be that as it may, a more troubling abuse happens when the contenders are kids. Children of age as less as 6 years are hollowed against each other. Presentation to such rivalry at such an age causes enthusiastic pressure, early development, and other mental issues.

  1. Bogus Image of Life

Reality shows indicate a ‘Bogus Image of Life’ which the youthful personality can see as the ‘Real Reality’. Contingent on the view of the individual personality, it can impact the considerations and conduct. They may wind up making a virtual life around themselves which is as per their impression of life.

  1. Advances Aggressive Behaviour

Amongst other hostile to social feelings, animosity is advanced straightforwardly or in a roundabout way by the sensational reality shows. The majority of the circumstances scripted or unscripted exhibit strife of identities. Contenders frequently utilize hostility to make the show zesty, similar to feline battles, a show of outrage, utilization of damaging dialect and so forth become the agenda of the shows in order to get the TRP’s.

  1. Wellspring of Voyeurism

Reality TV likewise advances voyeurism in differing measurements to keep the interest of enthusiasm for the crowd. In this manner they will enjoy fractional nakedness obscured or something else, skimpily clad young ladies, uncovering camera edges and different systems which titillate the gathering of people and keep up the enthusiasm of the group of audience in a negative way.

  1. Enhances Extortion in Some Reality TV- Shows

Another type of abuse, however not as many people acknowledge, is pervasive. In specific occasions, obscene clips of candidates are utilized for extorting by the generation house to suit their interests. So also, certain identities are compelled to take an interest in such shows inferable from coercing. These things should have stringent regulations to prevent the exploitation of the contestants.

Here are some of the suggestions by Maksym Krippa in order to curb or limit the effects of Reality Shows: –

  1. Part of Popular Media

Print media like daily papers, magazines alongside video media ought to likewise assume an essential part in uncovering the terrible face of such shows. They can likewise uncover in points of interest the tactics utilized by the production houses in influencing these shows to show up the honest contestant in the show.

  1. Controlling or Banning

Special editing of such shows should be led keeping in mind the end goal to evacuate a wide range of obscenities. Evacuating these demoralize the underlying routine with regards to turning to such modest acts. Restricting is another viable route by which these shows can be halted. Anyone found in indulging these acts ought to be rebuffed according to the law.

  1. Overwhelming Penalty on Offenders

Reality-based shows which enjoy scripted exercises for the sake of reality shows ought to be vigorously fined fiscally as well as by detainment based on ‘False Presentation’ alongside offending scope in prevalent media.

  1. Late Night Slots

Though not an obstruction but rather a demoralizing measure that can be the late-night openings of these shows. This will dishearten an extensive group of onlookers to go without awakening late to see these. These openings ought to be given after 12 at midnight.

  1. Restrictions on Production Studio

The specialists can constrain the creation of such shows by applying additional charges through taxes on this kind of shows which will go about as ‘Obstruction’ towards the recording of these shows.

  1. Enforcing Strict Laws to Regulate the Reality TV-Shows

Strict laws ought to be actualized with the goal that nobody can enjoy any sort of negligence while making these shows. These laws ought to likewise be plugged with the goal that people in general, additionally realizes that such laws exist in the society.