We really believe that IQ option is probably one of the best brokers that we have had a looked at in a long time. We believe we have seen what the future of a trading platform for binary options should look like. This is just a great software. We think that all of you guys would love to use IQ Option. We recommend that you do a few trades by yourself in the free environment provided by IQ for demo purposes of your iOS and Android phones along with your PC and have a deeper look at the trading platform as well.

Is IQ option scam? So, let us just get into the core of IQ option. First of all, IQ option has been verified for use by “CySEC” in Europe and has also been authorized by EEA. So, this broker is very well regulated, and this is great news which should reassure us. The main disadvantage tough is they will not be accepting traders from Canada, USA, Israel, Australia, Sudan, Syria, Belgium, N Korea, Palestine, and Iran. So, we can be rest assured. The answer to the question Is IQ option scam? Is a big NO.

So, in the cases you get the prediction right (which transforms to a successful trade) you stand to walk away with the maximum returns as high as 92%. This goes up on weekends though, where a successful trade can fetch you as high as 95%. So, if you like playing with a few options over a weekend, you will stand to make up to 95% returns in the cases where you end up making a correct prediction (a successful trade). However, they only have cryptocurrencies on offer over the weekends. But irrespective, the software is just plain awesome.

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That chart being shown by this software is very close to the standards set by the charts in MetaTrader. You even have the option of putting the charts into candlesticks for different periods of time as well. It I s possible for you to actually get into adding a ton of indictors and get some trend lines. That really is having a lot of options. The customer scores very high as well. When we first had questions regarding joining this breaker, they were replying very promptly and very professionally. We consider that a very high level of customer service. We think that the only place they may have been lacking a tiny bit is in the area of banking options. They should have been able to offer a few more of them.

This company started its operation in the year 2913 and is regulated by CySEC in Europa, and it is also authorized by EEA or Authorized Payment Institution) Thet can also boost of an international support which is available 24×7 and in different languages. The also take support calls over skype and you can get to their supper via email as well at support@IQoption.com. And to top it all, all the real count holders actually get their own private accounts manager. The head office of the company is situated in Cyprus.

All, right, let us now move on a bit and see more about the IQ options with regards to the account options.  The minimum deposit that you can make is $10, now that is actually very good if you are just taking them out on a test drive. We encourage you to try to deposit as really small amount so you can see for yourself as to what small amount deposits you can make. And then of course, you can go about withdrawing your money too, before you start to invest in larger amounts. The minimum deposit you can make is $1 for each trade and the maximum deposit has been set at $5,000. So, make deposits of as low as $10, going all the way up to a maximum amount of $5,000. You also have many deposit options, all the way from MasterCard, banking cards, Visa card, Skrill and e-wallet solutions.

So now, we move the subject of making withdrawals. You get the withdrawals back into your bank account or we you can use as faster option which does not entail any extra fees in the form of your Skrill Wallet. All the withdrawals are typically processed within a time period of 24 hours. However, you may want to make sure that you gone through all the required compliance checks for your Identification. If you fail to do so, they will simply not be allowing you to make any withdrawals till the time you have actually gotten down to prove your identity. And this identity proof may be a government issue ID, a photo or it may be a latest utilities bill issues at your current address.

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IQ Option people have done a very good job that makes them stand out among the pack of their competitors. There website is very friendly to its users and allows them to navigate throughout the site very easily. In order to ensure the satisfaction of the traders, IQ Options has made very heavy investments in a very rich collection of highly educational resources and material. We also did in particular like the fact that if you are looking to open a demo account, you do not need to provide them with any of your personal details like credit card and phone number.  They have a large selection of assets that can be traded. For example, you are free to trade more that 10 million various options using their platform.

Now, if you have wondering whether or not you should be opening an account with IQ Option, we are providing you with information which we think will help you in making the correct decision. The website of IQ Options is very well designed and is devoid of too much marketing clutter which you usually find on a lot of broker websites.  It is a very easy to navigate site with various sections and insightful information about what you will be getting once you open your account has been described when you get down to scrolling down on the website.

We are sure you will fall in love with IQ Option.