Whether your business has just started its operation in the field of international trade or have been already there and evaluating its options regarding service providers, you need to make decisions for customs brokerage services.

This can look like a very simple decision, but not every customs broker offer the same service and can play a major role in the future success of your business. When you are planning to select a customs broker, then you need to ask a few questions to arrive at the best decision.

How to perform selection of a customs broker?

You need to conduct a thorough research on a probable customs broker and services offered by them. Not every custom broker will offer you the same set of services. Due to this reason, you need to be very careful in choosing the one that can really contribute towards the long-term success of the company.

You must select the one, who is very much familiar with not just international trade but also the things that surround it. This is the best option to proceed forward. There are questions that would definitely assist you in evaluating the services offered by a customs broker. Asking them would definitely help in evaluating a professional service provider.

Custom logistics provider satisfies the requirement for rapid and affordable customs brokerage services to small businesses and everyday people not just in Canada, but also all over the globe. It assists businesses with information on new products and determines any additional duties with respect to other government departments. Professionals at Clearit customs brokerage advise the ways by which a company can assure proper compliance with customs records and regulations.


You can aid yourself in selection of appropriate customs broker for your task. Ultimately, you have to feel comfortable and assured that your customs broker has got the expertise that your firm requires to be successful in overseas trade.

  • What are your days and hours of operation and who will be answerable to my questions outside regular working hours?
  • Will I get all the information pertaining to NAFTA and whether my goods will be eligible for duty free entry or not?
  • Will you provide services related to the import and export of goods?
  • Will you provide arrangement for transportation of my goods via ocean, air, ground, courier or rail?

What are the features of a customs brokerage service?

This service reviews earlier customs entries of a business to determine potential exposure to additional penalties and duties. It assists with duty drawbacks, corrections, and customs entries. It provides either a live person or an automated telephonic system to communicate with its clients.

Some of the specialized customs brokerage services also offer Electronic Data Interchange and online documentation capabilities. Your customs broker will give you an advice on best practices regarding NAFTA.  They will also get the customs clearance, release goods set-up and execute it. They assist you with online document capabilities and any form of corrections to customs entries?


Assistance of a custom brokers aids in the release of your business goods via customs. As the regulations and rules of importing goods are complicated and continuously changing, you must ensure that your firm is best served by the best international trade expert.