OCBC is one of the largest and oldest banking service providers in Singapore. OCBC has been growing day in day out. They have partnered with a range of financial and other service providers. Lately, they have been offering a whole range of amazing credit card promotions. Let’s have a look at these promotions and offers.


Shopee an established and reputable e-commerce based in Singapore. It was founded by Forrest Li. in 2009 but it first came to limelight in the Singapore market in 2015. OCBC has partnered with this e-commerce site to offer promotions and deals.  Some of the deals offered include RM off when you buy products exceeding RM30 and 10% off on purchases above RM10.

HILTON Hotels and Resorts

Hilton hotels and resorts are some of the most popular 5-star eateries in Singapore. There are several Hilton branches all over Singapore. OCBC has partnered with several of these branches to help you save. Some of the deals and promotions on offers include 20% off kenduri—kendara at Vasco’s Hilton Kuala Lumpur branch and 20% off delights of Ramadan at Paya Serai in Hilton Petaling Jaya branch.


GV Cinemas Sdn Bhd has been and still remains the second biggest and most sought-after Malaysian cinema chain. As per the data provided on the March of 2018, this Malaysian cinema chain had 34 movie theater complexes containing 268 screens and over 45,000 seats.  TGV movie has partnered with OCBC bank to provide tickets at lower rates. Currently, they are offering amazing promotions on TGV movie ticket purchases.  You can only easily buy Standard Hall seat TGV movie tickets at affordable rates of RM12 during weekdays and only RM14 during the weekends or public holidays.

Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty is a reputable and widely preferred restaurant in Singapore that was initiated in 2008 by Edlan Chua and Eldwin Chua. The restaurant mostly served Chinese cuisines. Paradise Dynasty has now partnered with OCBC bank to provide better rates on their foods. The partnership has resulted in up to 10% off on most dietaries.

Nutridos Supplement & BP Proprietary Product

Nutridos Supplement & BP Proprietary Product is a health product selling brand widely known all over Singapore. They are well known for selling major brands and types of medications, proprietary products,and supplements. Their partnership has made it possible for customers to enjoy up to 10% off on their purchases.


Each credit card promotion in Malaysia comes with distinct terms and conditions. Not everyone who has an OCBC credit card is eligible for these promotions. That’s why you have to check out all the promotions to know what you need to have to qualify for those offers. One of those requirements is to have a fully active credit card. If you are an OCBC account holder but have not yet acquired yourself a credit card, you can visit https://www.ocbc.com.my/personal-banking/Cards/index.html to have a look at the various sorts of credit cards and make a decision on which one to sign up for depending on your personal preferences.